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In our olive groves, located in the region of Sparta, olives are cultivated with devotion and deep respect for the glorious past of the fruit, and for all those who faithfully prefer our products.

The main variety grown and produced in our olive groves and in the region of Sparta in general is the Koroneiki. Olives of this type have a distinct texture and flavor, and for this reason the variety has been rightly called as the “Queen of Olives”.

Olive trees have the deepest and strongest roots in the history of this land. For centuries they accompany and give us benefit, as they are a integral component of our traditions, our history and our culture. It is a fruit that has grown and nourished countless generations. It is undoubtedly the “most beautiful jewel” of Greek cuisine.

With respect to the glorious history of this sacred tree, without interfering or dominating over the smooth flow of nature, attending to the rhythms of “mother” earth and listening carefully to its needs, we take care of the fruits it so generously gives us with respect.



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